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Just Do It!

Resolution time — change is in the air. We want to do it this time! This time, we are really ready to lose that weight, get that project off the ground, write that book, clear that clutter, exercise more, meditate more, and be kinder. It seems like quite the tall order, but it's really a small order.

What if we had a magic resolution wand that could give us the staying power to create positive change? Maybe the magic wand is a small step. Maybe it's following through and continuing to follow through. Maybe the magic is not judging the quality and progress of each small step but continuing to put one foot in front of the other. How do we maintain our balance and create momentum at the same time?

Morning Glory Essence for Starting Fresh

Morning glory essence helps us to break and interrupt patterns of habit and depletion. This essence works by creating recognition of what our habits are doing for us. Are they siphoning off our life force needed to build new foundations? Or are our habits providing the necessary building blocks for our vision?