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The Expanding Universe

The Expanding Universe Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, in the beginning before time was, you called forth the universe. You called forth this particular solar system with your Sun and the known planets as well as other solar systems and galaxies. You called forth a specific planet that is no longer in this solar system, a planet upon which you did great energy experimentation, and the planet exploded into what you now call asteroids and formed the asteroid belt. You have made changes, and you are in the midst of making more changes — but perhaps not quite so dramatic as that.

Your universe is expanding. Your scientists have verified this as they have measured energy. Truly, everything is energy. You are energy in form, and you use it in a certain density so that you can walk amongst the brothers and sisters. Furthermore, you are the expanding universe itself. You have put it into physicality so that your scientists, who like to measure, can measure something. They tell you that the universe is expanding, that the relative distance between objects of density is expanding. And that which is in between the more dense objects is the energy of divinity expanding upon itself.

Your scientists are giving you "proof" of what is happening in the outer. You want to have proof; you want to see it in the outer first. "If I can see it. If someone in authority tells me that it is so, then I will believe it." But truly, as we have spoken many times with you, you are the one creating everything that you experience. So you set in motion a ripple effect of asking what you would like to see, hoping that something will happen. And by desiring something, then it starts to grow because you have had the idea.