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Essences of Nature: Authenticity

Essences of Nature: Authenticity Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Who are you? What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see your physical characteristics — your height, your weight, and the current condition your body is in? Do you see your emotional characteristics — happiness, sadness, or anger? Do you see your spiritual characteristics — how guided and connected or how cut off and isolated you feel?

What is your version of current reality? Do you put your focus on how much weight you have to lose? Do you focus on how your sadness creates an uneasy fog in your life? Do you burn in the fire of your anger? Who are you and who do you think you need to be? What does it feel like to be the reality of yourself? What does your authenticity allow you to be?

Centaury Essence for Saying No

Centaury is the Cinderella essence. It is for those of us who just can't say no, who feel compelled to do and do, and who can only stop when they drop. This remedy asks us, "Are we of service or are we slaves to service?" In other words, what is our motivation for being so indispensable to others? Is it because we feel truly guided to serve something greater than ourselves? Or do we do everything for everyone so we can feel wanted, needed, and desired? Can't we identify our value in any other way?