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You Are Taking Your Power Back!

You Are Taking Your Power Back! Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

My beloved children, there is a great Spirit-directed movement afoot throughout the world in which people are seeking their basic human rights and the opportunity to live and work in community for their happiness and peace. The oldworld system of competition and conquest is dying. What has been created by powerful, wealthy men for their own benefit is deteriorating. These men who perpetuate the hierarchy and oligarchy do not know how to fix their financial, material world. They can no longer keep it intact and working for them in the old limited ways. They keep the wars going, reap the wealth from enhancing conflicts and fear, and want humanity to serve their interests solely without any substantial compensation.

But the 99% are rising up as a gigantic tidal wave, a sweeping, unified energy of "humanity with Spirit" compelled to speak their truth and take action to improve their lives and world. Spirit is guiding people to confront injustices of every kind at the hands of their governments, their representatives and officials, and international financial institutions and leaders who do not adequately care for the welfare of their people as their wards, interests, and clients. These corrupt leaders insist on filling their bellies and their pockets, living extravagantly at the expense of the 99%.

The 99% Takes a Stand

Mother Earth and the sacred feminine and masculine healing energies are aghast at the cruel devastation of greed occurring at all levels of life in many countries. Globalization has created a world where profits, control, and limiting regulations smother and destroy secure jobs, ample wages, healthy living conditions, and educational opportunities. Local cultural traditions, special regional foods, and unique goods are being altered and eliminated in favor of standardized commercial commodities.