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Join Together to Create Benevolent Outcomes

Join Together to Create Benevolent Outcomes Allaenea through Wendy Rowley

Dearest beings of light, this is Allaenea of Cosmic Service, the Pleiadian Mother of Sound. In this midwinter channeling, we would like to talk about the two levels of creational energy. The creational energy at the lower level has more human consciousness drama, unhealed ancestral energy, and life stressors, all of which are related. This is because of your amazing energetic anatomy that is connected to so many levels in the quantum field of energy. This level is being enhanced by what is happening at the higher level of creational energy. What we mean is this: There is an increase in feeling and sensing in humans at this time. You can think of it as a new group sensitivity. It is very subtle and hard to figure out because this is new in the feeling nature of humans. You indeed are becoming a connected group through the soul groups out in the greater field of benevolent creation.