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Plant Seeds for the Future

Plant Seeds for the Future Susan Owens

1 Personal Year

A 1 personal year makes February a 3 month. The 3 vibration emphasizes creativity. As this is your year to plant the seeds for the next nine years, use this 3 energy to be creative. Think about what you want for the future and make three lists of desires. The first list is your “absolute must haves,” or what you absolutely want for the future. The second list is your, “would be nice to have.” The third list is your “wildest dreams” — really let yourself go here. Make another list of desires for the following nine months. You will likely have many ideas this month, so don’t let yourself get too scattered and achieve nothing: Choose one idea and follow it through to completion.

2 Personal Year

A 2 personal year makes February a 4 month. A 2 year is slower paced than last year, and now is the time to reflect on what you achieved in 2022. This is a good month to get into a routine or set up a new diet or exercise program. Be organized and practical, focus and get your work done, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. This is not a month to take risks. Keep a strong foundation under you to prepare for the changing-5-month ahead.