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Humans Are Moving toward a Time of Graduation

Humans Are Moving toward a Time of Graduation Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, this is a time leading up to a graduation, a time of taking stock and seeing where you are on the path and realizing how far you have come in throwing off the old concepts of the world and allowing yourself to move into a new space. For truly, every moment is a new space if you will accept it and look at it with new eyes. You have made much movement, as you would understand it, over the past year — also the past couple of years and even the past twenty years — when you accepted what was given to you as the usual order of things.

But there came a time when you said that there must be more. “What more is there? What I’ve been told is good, but it doesn’t quite answer all the questions. It does not answer, ‘Who am I really?’ I know the name that was given to me by my parents. I know the name that I have given to me, which is sometimes called a nickname, but not everyone has started out with the name Nicholas. [Smiles.] So can you have a “nick” name? I jest with you.”