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Essences of Nature: A Different Kind of Love

Essences of Nature: A Different Kind of Love Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

I often talk about what we can do with what we have and how we can get out of our way. At every fundamental level, this all boils down to love: self-love, sisterly love, brotherly, familial love, friendship love, romantic love, and not enough love.

What do we do for love? How does it serve us? How does it frighten us? How do we hide from it? How do we obsess about it? Love is what makes our world go round. For the most part, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for love. Love is our chemistry, and love is our connection. How do we cultivate the love we need?

Pink monkeyflower is our “fear of being exposed” essence. This essence helps to negate the feeling: “If anyone truly knew who I am or what I have done, I would be forever vilified and exiled.” This feeling operates on a deep and sometimes unconscious level, which informs many of our interactions. This remedy counteracts the feeling of guilt, shame, and unworthiness.