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Benevolent Outcomes: Double-Down for Synergistic Outcomes

Benevolent Outcomes: Double-Down for Synergistic Outcomes Tom T. Moore

Martha writes: Greetings to you! I am a long-time reader of your work. I first read your columns in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and have followed you for years on your internet sites, including Facebook. MBOs have been a staple of life for me for a very long time. I cannot imagine life without them.

I have been guided to send MBOs to the blog for months now but have resisted. However, my guides are being more insistent lately. I recently had a job that was very stressful, and to help with the daily stress, I requested numerous and very specific MBOs on a daily basis. Those MBOs were lifesavers for me.

However, requesting them daily took up so much time that I decided I could request long-term MBOs on a weekly basis: “I request a long-term most benevolent outcome for ____.” These gave me the very same results as doing them on a daily basis.