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Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

These coming months will be most transformative. Remember that linear time has collapsed and exists only as projected illusion. We have said before that you were given an extension beyond 2012, and due to the release of the free-will zone, you have enjoyed many interventions from your galactic, stellar, and cosmic guides.

You were gifted tools and incentives to assist you and others to be ready for this auspicious period. Since there is no time, it might appear that you have looped back on the time-track. Look around and see the signs. Although the calendar reads 2020, the view from the bridge is what you might have expected in 2012 — civil unrest, climate change, Ebola, fire and flood, terrorism, and war.

Now the work begins for initiates, adepts, and alchemists who have scaled the summit to conquer their fears. You stand like giants with one foot in this reality and the other placed on the surface of another world out in the stars. You stepped out of service-to-self agendas onto higher platforms dedicated to the Law of One. All of you guardians and volunteers, in your various guises, have committed to ensure the success of this final attempt to preserve humanity on its journey into light.