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Keep the Divine Spark Glowing

Keep the Divine Spark Glowing Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Many come to you for healing of the body and psyche that goes down very deep within the mind, even to the soul level, to come forth and acknowledge that which you Are, they Are, I Am, and to acknowledge the divine spark that truly ignites everything you do, everything you think, and everything you say. You are the divine spark of love coming forth in this day and time into a world that sorely needs it. You see this every day as ones come to have discourse with you. You can see they are making the best of things. Yet part of them hurts, a part of them that wants friendship. They come to talk, perhaps, about mundane things, things that have to be taken care of in the world. But what they ask for is your love, acceptance, and understanding of Who they are.

When you look to them eye to eye and smile, it allows the light that they are to be reignited and felt by them. Now, in truth, the light is always there. There are many times when ones go with the sunshades on the eyes and do not see their own light. They feel everything is dark, and they hope you will not see them as they see themselves. They hope you see them as they want to project themselves to be.

You, being good servants of the one Holy Self, see them as holy. You see them as the light. You say something playful and loving, and it uplifts them in that moment. Perhaps you crack a joke with them and bring forth some humor that allows the Light to come in.