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Benevolent Outcomes: Develop the MBO Habit

Benevolent Outcomes: Develop the MBO Habit Tom T. Moore

Kate writes: It is very warm in England at the moment, which is rare. We thought we would go to our gym, which has an outdoor pool, and we knew it would be packed. I requested an MBO to find seats near the pool. My daughter and I arrived and sure enough it was really busy — no sun loungers free. We left our bag and towels for a swim, and I thought maybe I should have been more specific, but my intuition said to be a little patient; they will come.

After about fifteen minutes, three loungers appeared and I thought, this is it! We jogged through the water to get out of the pool, but three people got to them before us. Then my daughter pointed out two sun loungers that seemed to appear out of nowhere. They were right next to the pool, facing the sun, and the good quality kind (some were just cheapy plastic). Hurrah! The most perfect outcome. I’ve also been trying your different MBOs for worldly events, and so on (fires in the Amazon). It is so nice to have an MBO work for daily life too. I know people may feel guilty for requesting such “unimportant” things, but go right ahead. Life is not always meant to be difficult.

From Tom: I always tell people to request MBOs for mundane events to get you in the habit of requesting MBOs and to get the immediate feedback to affirm that this works!