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Ascension 101

Ascension 101 Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, I have heard you asking, “What is this thing about ascension? Why should I be interested in ascending? I kind of like my life here. I mean, there are a few parts of the body that sometimes speak to me and do not make me feel exactly comfortable, but I like my physical life. I have chosen it, and why would I want to ascend out of it? Heavens, if I ascend out of it, how do I find my way back, and can I find my way back?”

Yes. If you ascend and take the particles of light that you are and allow them to rise up, you can bring them back into physicality and activate the same body. Or, if you want, it is possible to change your body form. Some have done this, and they walk the Earth with a new body, sometimes not even recognizable as who they were before.

I will tell you a story of one who called to me, wanting to be healed. He could not walk. He was sitting and had not walked since birth. He wanted to get up and run with the other boys when he was young, but it was not possible. He wanted to earn his way working, but it was not possible, because he could not move. He could not get up and walk; he could not even use his arms.