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Your Dreams Are Worth the Effort

Your Dreams Are Worth the Effort Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of God, live for your dreams. Do everything you can to make them happen and bring them forth. It matters for you and the world. Also help others to manifest their dreams, because living your dreams helps you realize what you are capable of envisioning and manifesting in the world.

What you understand as important for you and others absolutely matters most. That you are committed and devoted to bringing forth the best in you to help yourself and others in need makes all the difference. How you approach and support others in making their dreams come true will transform your world.

I found myself committed to a greater good larger than me and my needs. I could have prospered as a privileged, hard-working lawyer for the rest of my life, but something profound occurred in me. I opened within myself to see the struggle of the castes and the colonialism impinging on the opportunities and potentials of the Indian people.