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Allow Love

Allow Love The Council of Transition through Takeli MMagdalen

Greetings, beloved ones, I am Mufa. When I was the chancellor of the Lemurian people some 50,000 years ago, I asked them to believe in a state of being that was closely aligned with their divinity within. They chose to follow this guidance by seeking out all potentials aligned with their love. They became fulfilled with the riches of innermost peace, joyous in each other’s company, and content to live life fully.

Their relationships flourished because they were based on a truth that stemmed from their deepest desires to honor all those who came before them as a beautiful expression of their Creator’s love. They were content in their daily lives because they lived in ways that fulfilled their creative potentials and their creations assisted others in some manner or provided beauty.

Their daily needs were amply provided for through the bounty of Mother Earth’s Love: No one went hungry or lacked for a beautiful space in which to reside. And in the process of connecting with the Creator — in a quiet period of meditation on waking and throughout the day for a brief moment — all were guided toward that which offered them the greatest joy and inner peace on their paths each day, and this was a cocreation with all others in that community.