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It All Begins with You

It All Begins with You Michel through David Reid Lowell

Aren’t all people equal? Shouldn’t everyone be entitled to the same quality of life?

Ideally, yes, but who should determine that standard? So, no. And why? You will not like hearing this. We understand what you are trying to communicate, and we note that it comes from a place of love. The way you have set up your societies and world is based on equity, accomplishment, exchange, and individuality — differences, competition, and materialism.

Each person has unique skills. Take the beehive and the hive mentality: Each bee has a specific function, and if one of those categories of functionality breaks down, the beehive collapses. People are not conceived or born under fair and equal circumstances. They all function differently. There are birth defects as well as other deficiencies and determinants: economics, education, genealogy, and genetics. Now, this said, that doesn’t mean people can’t rise up, learn, or better themselves. It is up to them. Some may have the capabilities, and some may not, but why should those who work hard carry those who do not? Why should some be responsible for how others live? Isn’t that part of a person’s learning process? And who is to say who is happier? Think of the hive. Not all bees are equal in task or function.

We share your concern that all people should have opportunity, but it is up to them to create that opportunity or to take advantage of it when it presents itself. This goes back to ideologies and beliefs. If you meet someone who believes women are worth less than men, how can you change that belief when it is embedded in a greater philosophy or ideology? You cannot change an entire schematic in a day or because of a desire, but you can make progress toward awareness. Education, access, and bridging differences over time so that people are not threatened are key.