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Feast on the Banquet of Opportunities

Feast on the Banquet of Opportunities Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

We hear you when you ponder the question of purpose, plan, or path, when you stand at the crossroads and ask, “Which direction should I take?” We say to you, take any direction you chose. Progression along a single path is just an illusion. Your linear reality is merely a time loop that brings you back on yourself over and over again. You simply replay your challenging moments and refine your actions and reactions with each rerun until you have perfected yourself in your own eyes. The circumstances will vary, but the lessons are always the same, and they will be replayed until the karmic triggers are defused.

As the pendulum swings dramatically between extremes of emotive responses, you are as a boat being tossed on turbulent waters. When the pendulum rests in the balance of neutrality, you will know stillness. You will know peace. There will be nothing left for you to fear. Only then will you feel truly empowered to step fully into your destiny, and the direction you take will be irrelevant, because all roads lead to heaven!

When you pick one direction over another, is it because one holds more fear for you? “Oh I can’t take this road. What would become of me?” Isn’t it better to know that it matters not what will befall you on the road because you have all the tools you need at your disposal, tools not merely to survive but also to enjoy the richness of the experience?