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Benevolent Outcomes: Request Easier Times for All

Benevolent Outcomes: Request Easier Times for All Tom T. Moore

For those of you new to this column, each month I pass along stories I receive from all over the world from people practicing the Gentle Way. They request most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) for themselves for everything from the mundane to the most important, and they say benevolent prayers (BPs) for other people. They say these out loud, as the spoken word is much more powerful than scientists have been able to determine (but I’m told will some day). Enjoy these inspirational stories!

Suggestions for Students

Chris writes: I love MBOs! I have made signs and put them on our bathroom mirrors for my teenage children, my husband, and me. We use them all the time, and they truly take away my worry and anxiety.

My kids keep asking me to help them with MBOs for tests, grades, sports, studying, and so forth. There are so many pressures for high school kids these days. Anyway, I’m not great at coming up with MBOs on my own because I feel as if I need to get them right. Can you give some examples we can use? Then we can come up with more on our own.