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Apply the Light Within

Apply the Light Within Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, these are times when there is much change occurring. You have felt that in your personal lives. You have had questions. You have wondered, “What is happening? Why is it happening, and how do I change it?” We will speak about how you change it because that is the most important next step. You have identified areas where you want to see change, things in your life you would change or ways you would move forward. But the question always comes back: “How do I do it?”

I know that the world says, “You can’t change things. There are certain conditions, and you have to live with them. You might not like them. They might be sad. They might be difficult, but you have to live with them and make the best of them.” And you will. You will make the best of it, but not the way the world tells you. You will make the best of them by coming back to the beginning of you, by coming back to the beginning of the is-ness of you, the essence of you, the true being of you — not what the world defines you as, but the true being of you. You will come back to the place of power — again, not as the world defines power, but to the place of power where you know you are the creative One.

You are the extension of the creative One. You are right here creating this reality and the friends you interact with. There is a certain, I will call it, soul group. Sometimes I like to refer to it as a pod, because you are of the same pod (Pod 454). You perhaps like to call it a soul group. You have traveled, experienced, and created together many times. You are all traveling together to the same place of awakening to the Light that you are, awakening to the being you are, and awakening to the all-ness from which you have come.