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You Are the Manifestation of a Higher Frequency

You Are the Manifestation of a Higher Frequency Michel through David Reid Lowell

Energy feeds off energy. Have you not noticed that laughter and giggling are contagious? Have you not noticed that the more worked up you get, the more unstable everything around you seems? The energy you put out comes back. Energy always returns to its source. The behavior you show others is reflected back at you.

The mood you set usually saturates those around you. Act and react in thoughtful ways to bring about calm and restoration. Your reality is a result of your intention and the attention you give specific things within your everyday life. It is what you focus on, and what you focus on becomes your intent. Life is impermanent. Focusing on the spiritual opens the unlimited aspects of the human potential. Reality is measured by more than your senses. Your senses are your way of making sense of a world that just is. It exists within its own meaning and has no specific intended direction. Existence. It only knows expression and existence.

When someone challenges you, it usually stems from something in that person’s life. People judge others based on their own inadequacies and fears. You represent the trigger for that release, for their anger, or for their suppressed issues. The problem is that when they test those limits on the unknown (that being the person they are engaging), they may get results they don’t anticipate. Your senses are limited. For example, you can see and hear only within a particular range. There are other vibrations all around you, and consciousness is expanding and far exceeds your senses. Both space and time are infinite. Do not assume that the only unfolding reality is the one you perceive.