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Gentle Is the Voice of Love

Gentle Is the Voice of Love Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, I know that the world calls to you and is very insistent; it demands your attention. The world will always ask for your attention, but you have choice whether you will abide in the world and in the complexities of the world or whether you will come Home. There are many, many complexities of the world, much that will demand your attention if you let it.

You have choice to abide in peace, to take the deep breath and to come Home once again. Whenever you come Home, even for a moment or so, and you feel the peace, you allow everything around you to come to a place of peace as well. All of the cells of the body have a chance to expand.

Know you that when you are so busy running around meeting all of the deadlines that the cells of the body will constrict? You find yourself perhaps with the hands clenched. You feel perhaps the tension on the forehead. You feel all of the body being scrunched up, and yet as you take that one deep breath, it is like magic. It allows you to relax. It allows the circulation of Light within the body; not only does it affect the circulation in physicality, such as the blood vessels and everything that is happening with the organs of the body, but it also allows the spiritual self of you to expand, and you come to a place that truly the world does not know.