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Your Robotic Self

Your Robotic Self Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, I want to speak with you now about the love that you are and the robot self of you that you have been. When you are born, you come as a small infant with remembrances of other lifetimes, other conditionings, other trainings, other events which seemingly have happened.

Then you pick up from the parents what they think is important and true. You live for a while in an in-between state of remembering Home and yet seeing that that does not quite fit the picture of the world, even if it is a small world, as you are just a small one before you have gone to the elementary school.

You become more and more entrenched in generational thinking because that is what you are surrounded by. Then you are thrown into what is called the schooling. Again you get a wider view of generational teaching and generational thinking, and you unconsciously take on some of those traits. It is not a conscious thing where you say, モWell, I want to know how to hate somebody,ヤ but perhaps there may be a bigger bully in the class who gives you a hard time and you have feelings of power that come up as anger, that come up as hatred of the other one, because you do not like that kind of attention and you want to get away from it, and so you become a bit of the robot reacting to situations and actions seemingly outside of yourself.