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A Peek into Your Expanding Human Experience

A Peek into Your Expanding Human Experience Michel through David Reid Lowell

Channelメs Note: This was a class Michel taught during the energy circle of a spiritualist development class in upstate New York.

Tonight we will randomly teach perspectives of reality to you. It is good to see all of you this night of nights, during this class and mentoring circle.

Michel, thank you [various greetings and exchanges].

You are not alone. Religion is not as you would think. Perspective falls aside to greater awarenesses that become peeks into your expanding human experiences.

We will tell you of the one who calls its manifestation the モguardian.ヤ The guardian releases information to weaken your deniability and show you that there is much more within your skies and on your planet, within its landmasses and waters, than you would know.