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Wellness and the Power of Thinking

Wellness and the Power of Thinking Michel through David Reid Lowell

Welcome! Illness and lack of focus are the remnants of unresolved conflicts and unhealed injuries. Where you mind goes, your body follows. Your body is map of your thinking, a map of how you believe and feel about yourself mostly, but also how you believe and feel about others. So, given this, how are you feeling? Indeed, you are your thoughts, and your thoughts shape your day and how you interact with others, just as the words you speak impact not only those around you but you yourself.

Without these errors, you cannot grow and move forward. Yes, within this realization is the potential to get over all the obstacles that you think are outside your grasp. Recognizing causes and patterns, acknowledging their impact, and forgiving yourself are the basic steps to wholeness of mind and body. But are you willing? You — yes, you. This is not about someone else, those other people you blame, or the anger you hold at your mother, father, or spouse.

It is about the bitterness that has built up within you and how it will eat away at you, those around you, and all of your relationships and friendships until you are nothing more than a shadow of who you once thought you'd become. This is power within your thinking. These are the subtleties with your own sense of self-validation.