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Essences of Nature: Being Here and Being There

Essences of Nature: Being Here and Being There Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

How many of us live for tomorrow or yesterday? We rush around, impatient for where we want to go next. We text and check our watches, waiting for some kind of countdown to connecting with the next moment or next situation. We are here but are already planning to be there. We can't wait for something to change but do the same things over and over again to ensure little will change. We create our own hamster wheel.

How often do we let our past hijack our future? We look to the future for things to change but cling to the constraints of the past. In the meantime, we are picking from the apple tree when we really want oranges and are upset with the apples for being apples instead of oranges. We are getting what we are getting by doing what we are doing. How can we be here instead of there?

Hornbeam Essence to Ease Boredom

Hornbeam is the boredom essence. Some call it the "Monday morning" essence. It is for times when you are stuck in the cycle of so much sameness that the idea of having to pull yourself together for one more day, one more shift, or one more lecture exhausts you before you make any effort at all. This is the remedy for being stuck in stark routines or any job you feel you can do by standing on your head. It is for times when there is no perceived vitality to your tasks and every day seems much like the one before it.