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Asserting and Living Your Unified Power

Asserting and Living Your Unified Power Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

The deep, dark winter is upon you, my dear, beloved children. The full moon beckons you in the cold, starry night to reflect on your blessings. You have made it this far into the new cycle of life. Stillness reigns, yet the subtle movements of life toward spring are resounding loudly within Mother Earth.

Giving Birth to Your New Consciousness

You have experienced great upheaval and swelling within your world as you have been striving to assert and live your unified power. Giving birth to your new consciousness is astounding! You are resonating with exuberant life energies that are leading you to empower yourselves and each other.

You have come together, striving in your efforts to effect positive change in the world. Realizing and recognizing that each of you counts, you have achieved your goals in electing a president and state and national representatives who are actually indebted to you for their seats. You are the power calling the shots in the midst of insidious storms and challenges to bring about monumental restructuring and peace.