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The Power of Blended Holograms

The Power of Blended Holograms Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, as we have told you recently, you make your own reality—with a lower case "r"—as a hologram. We talked about that some months ago, how everything you see is within your understanding of what reality is and can be for you. We used the example of the Star Wars movie you have viewed in which there were characters having a sword fight, and others in the movie were watching this happen right in front of them even though the swordsmen were not present in the room with them—they were watching a hologram.

You Can Change the Realities You Are Making

You walk within your hologram, not knowing that it is a hologram. However, now you are beginning to understand that you are making the hologram and it is very much—I will use the word "illusion" to describe it. You have had that description in some other writings so that you could understand that the world, the reality—with a lower case "r"—is an illusion.

That does not mean that it is not real. It is definitely real. If you try to walk through the wall right now, you are going to bounce back, because your reality, your hologram, the generational teaching, has taught you that the wall is vibrating at a different rate than your body is. But you are going to come to a place, as I did in my lifetime, where you are able to synchronize your vibratory rate to what the wall is and to walk through the wall, because it is all energy. You are energy, the wall is energy, and you can attune yourself to the wall.