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You Have the Choice to Overcome Karma

You Have the Choice to Overcome Karma Michel through David Reid Lowell

You have been removed from the original intent of your creators. Your body is nothing more than a means, a vehicle if you will, for your soul to work out its past karma. The paradox is that you have something we call mindful awareness while in that body — choice. Your body has a brain, a processor, and if you have a “good” brain and your environment is one that is beneficial to a holistic sense of being, you stand a much better chance of becoming more aware, and that gives you a greater propensity to care, be kind, and become enlightened.

However, not all people begin equally. Not all people are born healthy, and not all are born into nurturing families. There is a basic wiring, if you will. Sometimes there are those whose wiring does not function as well as others — physiology. What if this is equal to having had the chances of a “good” brain and holistic sense of being? What if your soul chose the dynamics it was to manifest through and into? Indeed, if so chosen, could you not assume that you might have a greater ability to choose to proactively and with intent decide to learn to rise above and conquer those limitations that those of privilege might take for granted? Does the soul choose its host body? It might not on a conscious level, but perhaps on a level of creative intent it does.

If all time happens at once, then the soul, being nonphysical, might have the ability to see multiple dimensional awarenesses at once and, in so doing, make a more informed decision based on its karma history. What the soul cannot predict are the choices, the freewill choices, that the body will make through mindful awareness.