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Move into Your Lightness of Being

Move into Your Lightness of Being Mother of Light and Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of the light, I come to you with great hope for your acceleration in the mysteries, in the esoteric knowledge. It is available to you now as you move into your incredible spiritual and creative gifts. Watch for signs in the heavens as the realignment of stars and planets bring focus to this new rebirth.

I am working with Mother Earth and other celestial beings to bring you into greater alignment with Spirit and other dimensional beings. You are becoming more aware of your place in the light as you grow into your full consciousness and awareness. Make sure to spend time each day connecting with me and other healing energies you work with through meditation.

Going deeply within matters, as you want to create and live from clarity, centeredness, and balance. Ask Spirit for all that you seek to create in your lives right now. Your visualization will manifest into the physical plane as your reality when you regularly practice this powerful, high teaching.