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Achieving Neutrality on the Planet of Emotion

Achieving Neutrality on the Planet of Emotion Grace Elohim of Allied Command through Alison David Bird

The year 2016 poses a new challenge for the next wave of lightworkers as you all progress along the ascension path at differing paces and in various gradients. This coming phase can be a dangerous time for those seekers who are particularly light of being, those of you who are the younger Indigo and Crystal children. Waves of you have been coming in since the Second World War, and you have lived most of your lives through varying layers of density behind a thick veil and in a realm of great duality and opposing themes.

In your discomfort, you have grown accustomed to experiencing great sways of emotion, peaks of good times and troughs of downright misery. You have known hardship, loneliness, drama, and the joy of deep relationships that have intermittently met the need to love and be loved in this realm and that encouraged your survival through these testing times.

You have swung like a pendulum within this range of positive and negative emotions, all the time expressing love in all its forms. You have known romantic love and love for a mother, a friend, a child, an animal, a song, Earth, and God. At times of great joy, your heart has swelled, and in those gloomy days of sadness, it cracked open inside your chest.