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Walk in the Light of the Creator

Walk in the Light of the Creator Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of the Creator, it is a most sacred time of the year for the celebration of the longest night and the shortest day. As you prepare spiritually for the winter solstice, you must know that you can never lose sight of your starbeing. You must keep the healing energy of Grandfather Sun resonating through you. You will be restored and renewed as the sun returns to you offering greater light, heat, and hope.

Your heart and soul are preparing for movement into the greater consciousness of being at this time. You must earnestly stay connected to the Creator and the healing energies that are aligned and serving you. Be mindful about helping others in your sacred communities to grow more in touch with the divine presence during this special time. You will accelerate in developing and sharing your particular creative and spiritual gifts with the world. Sacred feminine and masculine beings are coming to unite with you so that you can flourish in new understanding and commitment to your lives with Spirit. You will be astounded by what you are given in love by the Creator to serve others in your community.

Accentuate love, compassion, and gratitude for all that is blessing and bringing joy and life onto Mother Earth. Do not get caught up in any despair, hatred, or violence that intends to overthrow the powerful connection you keep with Spirit. Walk your holy path resolutely and steadfastly. You will be well and safe.