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You Must Become the Change

You Must Become the Change Entourage of Lightbeings through Sharon Taphorn

This new year brings us opportunities for dynamic change to take place. Change is happening on a grander scale than ever before; however, this time it is the lightworkers who can make the difference in what the final outcome will be. You are now planting the seeds that will be the beginning of the next cycle, so choose wisely for yourselves and those who follow. All points have been leading up to these changes that will be taking place over the next three years, so learn what you can from the past and release. Expect things to be different, and they will.

Review the motives of those in your power positions. One of the great uses your expanded senses is to know when the one who is speaking is standing in integrity or just blowing wind. As more of you learn to trust yourselves and your natural senses, you will know what is true and what is right. Until enough of you awaken and effect change by becoming that change, things will carry on, business as usual, by those who have the most control. Apathy can often be the greatest weapon you use against yourselves.

Time is in a quickening. Things feel as if they are going faster, and they are. Things are going to move so quickly it can often be a challenge to think on your feet while you are running. Those of you who have been working on your connections with your higher selves and spirits will feel you have more options and choices than those who still hold the victim or me mentality.