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Get Ready for the Biggest Upgrade in Human History

Get Ready for the Biggest Upgrade in Human History The Brotherhood of Light through Edna Frankel

Greetings, dear readers, from the Brotherhood of Light. We gather in glorious numbers to help you usher in the new age of humanity. The Aquarian Age is here — the birthing is almost over! Congratulations, dear caterpillars, your time to fly is swiftly coming. Yes, the difference between caterpillar and butterfly is a good example of your ongoing transformation. Your cocoon has become heavy and tight, making you squirm impatiently as your form manifests a whole new animal — the heightened human be-ing.

We spell be-ing in this way to remind you that first you must be in every moment, and from that be-ing, do. Don't run around just doing, or you'll forget to be! Time is flying by so quickly; it's a good thing you are growing wings! (Chuckles and a big hug.)

A Deliberate Transformation within a Human Lifetime

Our main message in this piece is to slow down, clean up around yourself, and cleanse within yourself. We know that our message is not new — you've heard it before from many sources. But we remind you here, at the risk of unwanted repetition, to get ready for the apex of incoming energy waves soon to bathe your planet — changing energy, revitalizing energy, the golden grace of God that is the purest form of energy in your local universe and beyond.