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Revelations of the Christ Within

Revelations of the Christ Within Archangel Gabriel through Cathleen Chase

Greetings, dear ones. Your world has reached the final critical steps of purging all energy not of the divine love presence. This heart-centered love essence is also known as the Christ consciousness.

There are factions, or pockets, of energy on the Earth that do not radiate this love essence. But as the Christ consciousness prevails, these areas will quite simply dissolve, evaporating quickly to yield a peaceful solution. And those who do not choose to radiate this love essence will simply find ways to leave your world. As more and more people become connected and united as one in love, the world order will find a peace that will prevail.

So now, beloveds, I ask each of you, “Where do you fit into this scheme of life’s unfoldment?” The choice is yours, as it always has been, to find the path to which you belong. Spiritual material has been shared from messengers of truth and light from the divine realms—the hierarchy of the Creator, the Source, your God. Those whose hearts have been touched have been awakened to the possibilities that lie ahead.