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Essences of Nature: Monthly Guide for the Coming Year

Essences of Nature: Monthly Guide for the Coming Year Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We are here. This is the year that has been etched in my consciousness since I was a ten-year-old girl intrigued with a ninety-nine cent, multicolored brass Mayan calendar with turning dials that could be adjusted to calculate all the dates until 2012.

I calculated what my age would be and pondered how you could even predict the end of a calendar, let alone what it would be like if there were no dates left. Now here we are in a very different world with all of its extraordinary promise, magic, challenge, and possibility. We are more than we ever imagined possible. We have become more aware of our participation in our thoughts, our ability to manifest, and how we cocreate.

Many of us have been feeling a sense of urgency and more of a sense of prompting to “be all we can be.” This time more than any other is your opportunity to be all you can be. This is your call to action—not to be what or how you think you should be, but to go within and explore and embrace the divine emanation of God that lives within you.