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Willingly Suspend Your Disbelief in Love

Willingly Suspend Your Disbelief in Love The Continuum through Amy Leigh

Some members of a group called the Continuum have asked to share some of their wisdom and perspective with you regarding Earth and our global process of transformation. In 2011 the Continuum asks you to willingly suspend your disbelief in love. Read on to feel the love and for two activities that will position your spirit for a radiant 2011.

Metatron: We have gathered in print to discuss the need to obliterate fear from your cultural and emotional vocabularies. What a challenge! Fear dominates the media; it is a motivator for the engine of consumerism. It's accepted and expected by many. And yet you can easily transcend it— totally and completely, for all time. How does that sound? The polarization of fear is love. Flip the love switch, and fear will fade away. Does that sound too simple? Then do the following exercise with me.