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Essences of Nature: Correcting the Detours in Perception

Essences of Nature: Correcting the Detours in Perception Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Perception is a funny thing. Sometimes it makes us so clear. We can see the tiniest gesture. We can hear the slightest crack in the voice. We can see the smallest shift in body posture. We can see the meaning behind the words and the words behind the words. We can see all this, and we respond accordingly. And yet how much time and energy is spent looking and obsessing about that little spot on our shirts or that little blemish on our noses? The outside world sees a tiny speck of dust or red dot on our skin, but we see filth and boulders.

How much time and energy do we expend with all the stuff that goes on inside our heads? How does our perception get so distorted? Do you find yourself agonizing over a word or a misdeed and can't get out of the house due to some embarrassing situation that no one can remember? Do you consume yourself with what you didn't do or didn't say? Where does our reality take a detour?