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You Are a Synapse in the Mind of God

You Are a Synapse in the Mind of God Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, for long enough, you have dwelt in the darkness. For long enough, you have cried out to me and said, “Where are you? Where am I? What are we doing?” You have felt my presence, and you have looked high and low to find me. And all the time, beloved one, I have been right with you, within you, at the right side, at the left side, behind you, and in front of you. Always, beloved one, we go as one. Allow yourself to feel at ease. Allow yourself to allow the body to breathe. Take a deep breath — a deep, relaxing breath — for in that space of peace, we know the presence of One: the presence of the divine, holy child, Mother/Father God, and All That Is. There is no separation; there is only One.

I would speak with you now about the mind of God. There has been much said and written about the mind of God in various books that you have studied, and some have said, “God is ….” Then there is a long definition depending on the person who was writing it and whether they felt together or separate. You have said, “God must be worshipped somehow. There must be an overseeing presence that brought all this together. I certainly don’t know how to bring all this together, so there must be a God outside of me that I can pray to and beseech. Perhaps this God, all powerful, will look with favor on me and make my life easy. If I have an ache in the body, perhaps this God Almighty will take care of that. Or if I have an ache in my business dealings, perhaps I can pray to the God, and he will make it all right.”