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A Call to Women to Heal the Heart Field

A Call to Women to Heal the Heart Field Alanaea of Cosmic Service through Wendy Rowley

Dearest women of light, of the creational forces of the creation of benevolence, of the creation of children and souls into bodies, and of the creation of compassion, understanding, and nurturing, my name is Alanaea of Cosmic Service, the Pleiadian Mother of Sound.1 I have a message and a request for the women who feel the call to the healing paradigm. I have a call for women to come forward and do the sacred and high and holy task of clearing the heart field of the human crystalline grid, for this task is unique to women. I ask that you consider coming together with intention to fulfill this mission at this time on Earth.

This is the time that so many speak of: It is the middle point of planetary evolution, known as the Kali Yuga, with great opportunities and alignments of planetary systems for the beginning of a resonance of a renaissance. There are many, many beings coming forward to uplift and help humankind at this time.