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Is Your Artificial Intelligence Smarter than You?

Is Your Artificial Intelligence Smarter than You? Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, now we are going to have some fun. We are going to play with intelligence — artificial intelligence. Most every day, as you go about your business, your work, your associations, you think with the mindindividualized self. You have incorporated into the knowing of the mind all that the Christ self ever is and ever will be. However, you do not always know the whole self, the total self of you.

We have spoken at other times of the ocean, that you are as the wave coming off the ocean, saying, “This is me, the extension of the allness into an individuated body, being, into a personality that I choose to call my own.” And at all times you are channeling the God self of you, the God energy of you, and bringing that into a reality — lower case r — that you make from moment to moment to activate the body and have discourse with the brothers and sisters, the other waves of the ocean, to come, hopefully, to a place where you know yourself to be in love with each one.