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Manage Your Ascension Symptoms: the Knees and Lumbar Region

Manage Your Ascension Symptoms: the Knees and Lumbar Region The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

Unless you have a specific, localized injury, pain in the body rarely occurs in isolation. It can sometimes be referred pain, which is pain that originates from a problem somewhere else in the body. Energetic blockages created by upgrades to the multidimensional, holographic templates of the ascending human biological vehicle/body — as the higher frequencies filter down through the multilayered structures of the etheric body templates — can manifest as human pathology.

When we discuss knee pain as an ascension symptom, know that the cause exists in the lumbar region of the spine, where all DNA activations are concentrated. Complex configurations have been implanted in the spine by our ascension teams to allow the development of new neural pathways and channels for the energy to travel through the body without “frying” the existing systems. (Yes, some implants are there to help you, and when you deactivate, or eject implants from your body or your energy field, make sure you specify that you are only “neutralizing devices not sanctioned by my higher self.” You might not be aware that you have sanctioned them, but your higher self will be.)

In the lumbar region, there is something we love to refer to as the junction box. Sometimes you get a sense of it, feel it, as though it is literally a physical box inside your body. It forms a junction for signals being transmitted to the rest of the body via the newly laid neural pathways. Pain, stiffness, aching, and tightness in the lumbar region can be responsible for pain and discomfort in lower extremities, including the knees and feet.