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Benevolent Outcomes: Live Better during COVID-19 and Beyond

Benevolent Outcomes: Live Better during COVID-19 and Beyond Tom T. Moore

David writes: It’s been a while now since I’ve sent you anything. I successfully request most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) all the time. It’s not that they have become boring or mundane, but I feel this one is particularly noteworthy. I misplaced a key ring with several important keys. I was able to determine the last time I used any of those keys; therefore, I knew they had to be in one of several places. After looking high and low (to no avail), I requested an MBO and set off the next day in search of a duplicate.

The key I was most anxious to duplicate was a church key. I got a friend’s key and talked my wife into riding along. I usually would make such a trip by myself, but during these days of COVID-19, we have taken to tagging along with each other more than usual just to have somewhere to go. We went to Ace Hardware, but the employee refused to make us a copy due to some sort of policy (it might have been a master key; I don’t know about these things), so we left the store with nothing accomplished. Or so it seemed. As we entered the vehicle, my wife held up the key ring. She had just sat on the keys as she climbed in.

Now, both of us, at separate times, had searched all three of our vehicles the day before. I had looked in every car at least twice, and she might have also looked a second time. Never mind that she had just been sitting in that very seat on the way to the store. Why would she not have felt them when we left home? I don’t believe they were there all along. I know by now these things often seem magical. It almost seems as if losing things serves to bring about some extra fun.