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Be a Healing Hero

Be a Healing Hero Various Beings through Blue Turtle

Mahatma Gandhi: Beloved children of God, you are experiencing the most tragic and blessed time as you meet the difficult and transformative healing crisis in your world. You are called to come forth and meet this horrific virus with care, love, and service to humanity. Be your best creative and spiritual selves as you face this nemesis of life.

Stay fully within the divine energy to be replenished and safely serve others in need. Take the best possible care of yourselves and each other. There is no room or place for hatred, separation, or warfare. Unity in light and love will bring forth the understanding, peace, and healing that can occur through this tragedy.

Many of you are experiencing déjà vu as the evil acts of racism and inequality are blatantly captured on video and revealed. Powerful, peaceful protests are being turned by a violent, angry few into reprehensible burning and looting of small businesses, which have already been hurting due to virus-related closures.