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You Stand in the Greatest Power of the Cosmos when You Stand in Unity

You Stand in the Greatest Power of the Cosmos when You Stand in Unity Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of the Creator, note how the seasons are vastly changing around the world. Feel the shifting extreme temperatures as more heavy rain and snow falls, accompanied by powerful winds and tornados. One day can feel like spring or fall and the next hot summer or cold winter. Mother Earth is working fiercely and tirelessly to maintain her balance.

You Carry the Life Force of the Universe

Native peoples the world over are working together to help Mother Earth regain her strength and nourishment so that she can heal the wounds and pain deliberately inflicted by evil people who want to continue to exploit her children and resources for their own greed and benefit. They see nothing substantial beyond her worth for themselves in terms of wealth and profit. They do not care whether she dies or whether they even die. For them, it is easy to look to colonization and spaceship journeys to the Moon, Mars, and other habitable planets in the cosmos. They look to themselves and see only their reflection in the mirror. Nothing else, and no one else, matters to them.

Now is the time for you and your sisters and brothers to come forth in your power of unity through the Creator to cherish and save the whole creation. You have been blessed with creative and spiritual gifts to effect positive, healing change and be of ultimate service to goodness and well-being.