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Our Father

Our Father Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, when I gave forth what is now known as the Lord’s Prayer, it was to be an example, a framework upon which you would weave your own prayer. I began it with “Our Father,” for it was in the day and time when the father was understood to be the head of the household. Now, at the point in time and understanding where you see yourself to be, it could well be “Our Mother,” “Divine Creator,” “Source of All.” And because there is an understood intimacy, a familiarity, in speaking to one’s father, I chose that wording as an example. Our Father, from whom we have come and in Whose likeness we have been created.

The Universal Prayer

Our Father: This is not just your Father but an all-inclusive Father — universal. Every prayer, to be true, must go beyond the singular where there would seem to be separateness to the place of acknowledging and remembering Oneness of all.

Our Father, which art in Heaven: Heaven, a realm of Oneness of holiness is an expansion beyond the specificity of individuality, the personality, a lifetime, or any mental concept. Heaven is infinite and ever-expanding Totality.