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Benevolent Outcomes: Request Light and Comfort for Others

Benevolent Outcomes: Request Light and Comfort for Others Tom T. Moore

The Gentle Way is a simple, spiritual tool you can use every day, and the amazing thing is it works perfectly in line with your soul path, or contract, for this life. Request most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) for events in your life, from the mundane to the most important. For others, say benevolent prayers (BPs). All are said out loud.

The information herein is for educational purposes only. The content of this article should not be used to give medical advice or to prescribe any form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician. Should you use any recommendations in this article for yourself or others, the channel, compilers, and publisher assume no responsibility for your actions.

Pain Relief

From Tom: I needed a root canal on a back molar that was so tender that I could not chew on the right side of my mouth. I requested an MBO for the drive there and for the procedure to turn out even better than I could hope for or expect.