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Your Return to the Light

Your Return to the Light Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of the Creator, the goodness of life runs through your veins. You actively bring forth beauty and understanding within the scope of your being as a sacred child. You want to make the best and healthiest connection to your loved ones and spiritual family. There is earnestness within your heart to do good.

Still, you feel the challenges of life pressing in on you. You have come into this sacred lifetime to meet each other and to do certain things that liberate you from the harness of limiting imprisonment. Your soul energy is focused and committed to freeing you from your human frailties and doubts.

You come up against the status quo that wants you to lose sight of your great ambition and stay fast under the spell of disruptive chaos. It compels you to give up your dreams and acquiesce to the darkness that desires to overtake you. You lose sight of your light and fall into the darkest pit of hell.