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You Are the Lightships

You Are the Lightships Marconics Consciousness through Alison David Bird

You are here yet not here. Yes, that is how it will feel. That is the beginning of the shift from one matrix to another as you straddle the space between dimensions. It is not easy for you — we are aware — but it is necessary to pass slowly through the membranes between this reality and the next or literally risk your sanity.

You can feel the pressure building around you as if you were beneath the waves (which, of course, you are). You are trying to come up like deep-sea divers, and the water is crushing in on you, forcing you down and further out to sea. Coming up too quickly would result in your losing all points of reference in the middle of a large ocean with no sight of land. You need to see land, a point of relativity, to get your bearings and know which way to go.

You are spiritually seasick. That is all. The rolling and yawing as the currents sweep you “this” way and “that” are making you feel directionless. This impairs your ability to focus on the horizon, which is what you must do to stabilize yourselves. You are all at sea, and the seas are heavy with the tides of humans.