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Live Your Truth

Live Your Truth Mother of Light and Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, the Sacred Feminine energy is backing you up as you stand together in strength and courage to stop the sexual abuse and violation of women, which has come to a head. As you all honor your feminine aspects of being, you will bring about the transformation of sexual relations so that they are healthy and respectful.

It is wonderful to observe the younger generations of men cuddling and carrying their babies. What a powerful psychic imprint it makes on young children — that you love them and care for them so deeply. Both mothers and fathers are essential in bringing up babies. Girls and boys need to be treated equally in love and care.

You have witnessed the unprecedented tsunami of women’s and men’s unified rage at the media exposure of powerful, professional men who have violated and exploited women and men sexually for decades. This unloving, wounding behavior has gone on far too long through human history. It has destroyed people’s lives.