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The Value of a Human Life

The Value of a Human Life Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, does it really matter that you are here on Earth in physicality having this experience? Yes, it matters. Your life is a gift. It is truly a gift that you as the point of the soul group have chosen. You have chosen to have experience and free will, which you do have. Perhaps your will and your choices are molded and shaped by the generational teaching and by what ones have said is important, but then you get a bit taller and you say, “Well, I don’t know whether it’s really that important that I have to, first thing in the morning, comb the hair and brush the teeth. I wonder what would happen one day if I didn’t comb the hair and brush the teeth.” You have tried it out, and you have gone the next day to comb the hair and brush the teeth.

Life in physicality is a gift you give yourself to experience and to express the Light that you are, the vibration that you are. You are vibrating within a narrow bandwidth, as they call the vibration. You interact with each other and give each other gifts of different experiences. I had a most wonderful romantic experience with my Miriam, Mary. We were totally and completely in love. From the moment we met, there was an alignment we felt and a magnetic attraction that brought us together into a higher-vibrational frequency that you have known, and when you are in the space of that vibrational frequency, you want nothing else but that feeling. It is truly one of the steps to coming to the place of knowing your perfection as Love itself.

Ones have often asked me, “Well, Yeshua, isn’t that sort of a sidetrack if I get into romantic love and feel that it is the be-all and end-all of everything? Doesn’t that take me on a sidetrack where I no longer search for the true Love that I am?” Truly, you are not going to stop at that place because you are going to want more. You will perfect it, you will live it, you will experience it, and if it happens to change form, as it will do from time to time, you still desire it. You still seek, search for, and desire the feeling of love. So it will take you to the next step or the next stage of wanting to know your true nature.